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Unexpected Downtime: June 8, 2011

We're very sorry for this unexpected downtime of 2-3 hours today. Our server guys released a bad core update which affected some parts of the system. Once we came across this issue, our team was all over it and after several hours of debugging on server and tracing the issue, we were finally able to fix it on time. Again, we're always doing our best to avoid such unexpected issues but sometimes they are unavoidable. You can go ahead and send that invoice now! Thanks for trusting Invoice Dude.

SaaS or Self-Hosted?

Many of our users who are looking for a billing application respond to Invoice Dude's self-hosted version with a question "Why would I want to install it on my own server when I can get it pre-installed on SaaS?". So we thought we should clarify a bit more so our users can take informed decisions.

The very first step is to have a look at demo here. We've compiled list of few questions/thoughts which you might face when deciding right version of Invoice Dude:

1. I cannot trust anyone else with my data.

2. I want to integrate this application with our internal process/tools.

3. I want a lot of customizations which are not offered in the application.

..If any of the above point makes you think twice, get Self-hosted version without a second thought.

1. I don't want any hassle of setting up and maintaining the application.

2. I don't have experience of managing web applications.

3. The application as it is, fulfills my requirements.

..dont wait, go for free SaaS version to start with.

Let us know if this helps you making a better decision.

Invoice Dude v1.2.2 is out!

We’re glad to announce release of Invoice Dude version 1.2.2. While a minor update it was still an important milestone for us for future releases and plans.

Please refer to the change log below:

•    Fixed issues related to multiple time zones. Now invoices are marked ‘overdue’ as per the time zone you select, so will be the case with automatically generated invoice from recurring invoices.  (Thanks to Ilya for reporting)
•    Fixed wrong activity that was being recorded for ‘drafted’ invoices.
•    Client import function has been fixed.
•    Fixed partial payments with decimal values which were making invoices paid in some cases.
•    Fixed decimal support for taxes. (Thanks Brandon for reporting it first – and then many others!)
•    Activity is now recorded when client posts a comment on estimate.
•    Improved client and invoice search.
•    Variable usage / Macro added in email subjects.  (Thanks Jason)
•    Contact name is now sent with all outgoing emails. (Thanks Jason again!!)
•    Euro currency symbol issue in PDF fixed. (Thanks to Christophe for this one)
•    Quantity field now supports decimals. (so that you can charge by hours) (Thanks to Bobby Whitley for coming up with this suggestion – we found it very good)
•    Some error messages fixed.
•    Client list appears in alphabetical order by default now. (Jorge, thank you buddy!)
•    “Email copy of this invoice” function fixed for recurring invoices.
•    Multiple issues with estimate conversations are fixed.
•    Multiple Performance related issues addressed.

In case your bug was not addressed with this release, please let us know and we’ll do best we can do for you.  Also, we apologize in advance if we forgot to thank someone else for reporting the bug.

We’re not done yet; we have one more good news for you. With the release of next version (1.3), we’ll also be introducing “Self-Hosted” version of Invoice Dude – which means you will be able to download the whole application and install it on your own server for a very decent price. That means you can customize Invoice Dude whatever way you want without asking us. If you would like to be informed about the release, please fill-in the form at: http://invoicedude.com/pages/self_hosted

Invoice Dude Team

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Invoice Dude now out of beta with exciting new features

At Invoice Dude, we have some great updates for you. Before I share all of them, I would like you to know that it had been a wonderful experience for whole Giga Promoters team to launch its first free application under SaaS model. Initial version of Invoice Dude was launched in November 2009, and ever since then, we've been paying attention to our users and their needs. We watched our community grow, heard a lot of good and bad things about our software, learned a lot about shortcomings on various ends, brainstormed on several feature ideas - overall this span of few months have been awesome for us, for we had so much to learn. I would like to thank all Invoice Dude users for making this possible.

Ok, so here we go with the updates:

1. Invoice Dude is out of beta now: We're now officially out of beta and support hours has been significantly increased, we will no more let you wait for few days before we answer your mails.

2. Introduction of two new Paid Addons: With our Corporate Dude addon, now you can run Invoice Dude on your own domain name and have full branding on emails. And another addon: Estimates / Quotes will allow you to send estimates to the clients and let your clients accept / reject them. To avail addons, just login to your account and jump to 'Addons' tab.

3. Custom Email Notifications: Now you can decide what you want to be notified of, from Invoice Dude. My favorite is receiving notification as soon as client makes a payment on his invoice.

4. Activities: Closely monitor activities of your account from Dashboard.

5. Major Bug fixes: We noticed that some accounts had problem with recurring invoices. With this release you will have no problems with recurring invoices. Various other minor bugs as reported by community have been resolved.

We hope you will enjoy this new functionality from Invoice Dude. We would like to hear from you any feedback or ideas about our app, so please be sure to comment.

Thanks once again,

Abhimanyu Grover