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About Us

Invoice Dude is a project developed by an established web development company, Giga Promoters.

How it was started?

We were looking at the invoicing systems available online for our own use and found one or another shortcomings in each of them. We wanted a system which could offer us a little bit of flexibility and less restrictions on use without charging a lot of money in licensing.. you know what I mean? And after failing to find a perfect software, we planned to write our own software which was meant to be used by our own company, and we started its development. Not before we were half way there, we realized that we're solving a big problem, a problem which is faced by every other online merchant, a freelancer, a contractor, or anyone who sells stuff online. Then we thought rather than making it a closed single-user application, why not offer it to everyone and let them take advantage of it. The idea behind project was same as its now - keep it simple!

Our Vision

We're trying hard to make technology available to users with no or least costs possible. There's a famous quote, "Civilizations advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking." This is what we believe in and that's why we want technology to be as easy as possible, not just to use, but to adapt as well, so things can be done 'without thinking'. We'll continue to launch our ideas/projects which we believe can make a difference in traditional markets.