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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Invoice Dude, and why I should use it?
  • Invoice Dude is a hosted software to bill your clients securely without any setup. Although many tools exist like this, but Invoice Dude is 100% free to use software. We understand how difficult it is to setup payment gateways on your website and then managing the list of so many invoices, also, sending them to clients whenever they request - this is all troublesome. We take care of all those troubles for you.
  • Is it really free?
  • Yes, Invoice Dude requires just your email address along with few basic details at the time of signup which makes it 100% free to use software.
  • Where is my data stored and how secure it is?
  • All your data is stored in our secure database servers which is owned exclusively by you. No one else can access your data without permission.
  • How do I import data to Invoice Dude?
  • You can import your clients directly from Microsoft Outlook CSV. However, importing of other data is not allowed yet.
  • Is there any way to export my data?
  • Yes, we allow you to export invoices/clients records in CSV format.
  • How to accept online payments using Invoice Dude?
  • Assuming you already have a Paypal account ready, its pretty easy to do so. Just goto 'Settings' page and check 'Enable Paypal' and then enter your Paypal email address. And that's all!
  • Will Invoice Dude continue to stay as a free software?
  • Yes, that's 100% true. However, we'll release some extensions of this software in future which might or might not be free.
  • Does Invoice Dude offers any kind of API as of now?
  • Not as of now, but as soon as we hear you say the need, we'll get started on it. Just so you know, we do have plans to launch it in near future.
  • How do I send my first invoice?
  • Simple, you need to add a client to bill first of all. Then you need, a product to add in bill. Once you're ready goto "Add a new Invoice" page and rest is pretty self explanatory.